About Us

Why Choose Cech for Scale Service?

One of the key reasons companies choose to stay with a particular service vendor is the consistent level of quality provided year after year. Cech Corporation has delivered excellence in service since we received our first service call in 1936.

Cech recommends regular preventative maintenance and calibration in order to keep your scales functioning at the highest level of accuracy and reliability. A lack of maintenance can render a scale virtually useless, which can in turn have an immediate impact on your operations. Regular preventative maintenance will save your company money by extending the life of your equipment, assuring accuracy of weighments and counts, and decreasing downtime due to malfunctions. We want to make you more efficient, more streamlined, and ultimately, more profitable.

For new customers, our Calibration Certificate allows us to gather pertinent information about your equipment, processes and requirements which permits us to service your business the way it needs to be.

For our existing customers, our annual Agreement review helps us ensure that, at a minimum, we touch base once a year to make sure that we are following your requirements and procedures.


Equipment malfunctions may happen and when they occur, you’ll need a scale technician with the problem-solving and troubleshooting skills necessary to quickly find the best solution for your business.

A scale technician’s work is physically demanding and challenging. When troubleshooting failures of complex weighing systems occur, you want the answers as quickly as possible. The value of a good technician and their ability to sift through the options is of the utmost value. Our service department is dedicated to this kind of customer service!

Training & Procedures

Cech is dedicated to meeting your service needs and we support this with our commitment to our technicians’ training programs, following State and National regulations and ensuring our test equipment is within tolerance to complete calibrations accurately.

When you speak with us about calibration, we will tell you that the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44 (NIST H44) is the document on which we base all of our calibration test points and tolerances. These nationally accepted guidelines advise every scale company of the appropriate procedures and requirements for testing your equipment.

Our technicians are trained in several ways: in-house, on-the-job, through video, and at off-site manufacturer’s training classes. We are members of Michigan’s voluntary registration program for weights and measures service companies; a program that allows registered technicians to place all manner of commercial weighing and measuring devices into service, remove official rejection tags, and return condemned devices to service.

An important factor in good scale calibration is using certified test weights. Weights used to test your equipment must be within tolerance to calibrate your equipment properly! Cech Corporation’s test weights are certified annually by state regulators and verified semi-annually by Cech to ensure their testing integrity. Through their state certification, our weights are traceable to national standards at the NIST Gaithersburg Maryland facility.  Our technicians carry proof of traceability of their test weights and can provide you with this document upon your request.

Emergency Scale Service

A scale may not seem like a critical part of a company’s processes…until it stops working. When that happens, downtime is frustrating and the availability of emergency service is critical. Cech Corporation has offered a comprehensive emergency service program since 1936. Our technicians are on call 24 / 7 / 365 to assist you in getting your equipment up and running smoothly and quickly.