Medical Scales for All Shapes and Sizes

Have you ever been weighed at the doctor’s office? Just about everyone has had this experience numerous times in their life, but few people stop to think about how the doctors and nurses know that they can rely on their medical scales being accurate time and time again. Well, when these health professionals purchase their medical scales from a company like Cech Corporation, they know that they are getting a great product that they can count on.

Medical scales are no easy thing to create, even though they may seem simple from the outside. In fact, it takes very careful development, assembly and use to ensure that a medical scale is and continues to be accurate in measuring body weight. Plus, there are also many types of unique and customized scales to consider.

One of the most widely used types of specialty medical scales is the chair scale or wheelchair scale. Both of these types of medical scales are designed for those who are unable to stand unassisted on a typical medical scale. By being able to move their wheelchair onto the scale or to sit in a chair rather than stand, medical offices can accommodate those individuals effortlessly. Meanwhile, the scale is calibrated to ensure that the person’s body weight is accurate despite the inclusion of a wheelchair or other chair on the scale itself.

Baby scales are another type of common medical scale that needs to be specially made to accommodate an infant. The scale needs to be able to hold the baby safely while still providing an accurate reading down to the ounce.

Whatever the kind of medical scale you need, Cech Corporation has the right one for you. Their scales are made for hospitals, doctor’s offices and personal or group residences where an accurate weight measurement is needed regularly.