Forklift Scales

Cut down on your process time by converting your forklift into a forklift scale.

Cech Corporation supplies a full range of dynamic weighing solutions.  By equipping your forklifts or other loading equipment with electronic weighing modules, we can keep your processes moving and your accuracy up. It allows you to manage material, keep track of inventory, or perform check-weighing without disrupting your established processes.

Advantages of our forklift scales include:

  • Self-centering suspension for accurate, repeatable weighing
  • Self-checking suspension; no check rods needed
  • Fast, easy installation saves time and labor
  • Optional insulation pads reduce vibration, shock, and thermal effects

Cech systems are custom designed to meet your individual specifications. Contact us for a free consultation.

Mettler-Toledo Fork Lift Scale

Mettler-Toledo Forklift Scale


Forklift Scale - MSI

MSI Forklift Scale