Monorail Scales

Monorail scales provide a quick method to weigh an item without interrupting the material flow within your plant.

With two designs, most every overhead rail system can be converted to a scale. The simple design of each of these systems makes them easy to install and maintain. When combined with a configurable instrument, your weight data can be seamlessly integrated into your process. Monorail scales help with precise, accurate weight measurements while also keeping your lines productive and efficient.

Besides improving safety and efficiency, advantages of our monorail scales include:

  • NTEP approved
  • Mild steel and stainless steel designs
  • Monorail and overhead track scales
  • Hazardous area approval
  • Full stainless steel load cells and junction boxes

Contact us to discuss the instrumentation and installation requirements for this versatile product.


Mettler-Toledo Monorail Scales

Mettler-Toledo Monorail Scales

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