Rental Scales

Portable Truck Scale RentalNeed more counting scales for inventory?

Need to minimize the time it takes to perform inventory?

Do you need to verify weights and/or piece counts?

Are you just starting a business and need some financial flexibility?
Cech Corporation has the answer to all your
weighing woes!

Not only can we provide you with a full range of service and repair on your current weighing and piece counting equipment, but we can keep you weighing with our huge fleet of rental counting, floor and bench scales. We even have truck scale rentals available to keep your shipping fleet moving.

Our Industrial Rental Scale Fleet has…

  • Quick Disconnect Cables for Easy Multi-Scale Set-up and Configuration
  • Ruggest and Robust Designs that won’t fail or break under normal industrial use.
  • Floor Scale Capacities up to 10,000lb.
  • Quick dispatching via our designated delivery truck for unplanned scale needs.


Floor/Counting Scale Rental Combo
Floor/Counting Scale Rental Combo
Installed Rental Scale
Installed Rental Scale
Cech Truck Scale Rental
Truck Scale Rental
WorldWEIGH Rental Counting Scale
WorldWEIGH Rental Counting Scales
Floor/Counting Rental Scale Combo
Floor/Counting Rental Scale Combos
Huge Rental Fleet
Dozens in stock at all times!

Cech Corporation also provides a heavy capacity rental truck scale if you need to weigh a truck. Contact us today for more information on our rental rates or our rent to own programs.

We discount the scale rental charges when you choose to use our services for your repairs and calibrations!