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What is ScaleCheck?

ScaleCheck is a device installed on a scale that allows users to remotely monitor their scale. This device links directly to a customer dashboard with an clear overview of data from the scale.

What does it do?

ScaleCheck monitors a wide variety of information about your scale, from average weight to water levels in the pit and much more. This comprehensive tool can help prevent costly damage to your scale and improve maintenance and repair time. It can also provide data that can be used to determine how valuable upgrades can be.

Do I need to own a device to use it?

No. Cech Corporation, an authorized distributor of ScaleTruth products, will include a rugged protected tablet in the total cost of ScaleVue. You will receive ScaleVue pre-loaded on the tablet. One full year of support is included with the purchase. It is also possible to purchase a kiosk with the application pre-loaded.

How do I get it?

ScaleCheck is in the final stages of testing. If you would like to become a test site or learn about pricing and different options for the device please contact a member of our sales team here.

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