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The Unseen Risk

What lies beneath the surface could be what hits the hardest to your bottom line.

Your scale measurements may be off - and you might not know - it for a llooonnng time.  That means a long time of lost profits, or even losses. Your reputation may be riding on it.

It is time to look beyond the age-old analog scale and issues - and look forward to digital scale reliability, diagnostics, and integrated communication.

Unlock the Potential of Your Scale

Scale Check is designed for ALL operations - from casual to critical - even the smallest events pose serious risks (think about how many times have you found your scale off zero)

  • Real-time: 24x7x365 monitoring of events, with SMS and email notifications

  • Peace of mind: Know what your scale is doing - BEFORE your team uses it or our crews service it

  • Uptime: Means FASTER turnarounds, and less downtime is $$$ in your pocket

  • Supercharge: Increasingly better diagnostics and maintenance as you establish a data baseline (compounding returns!)


The Connected Scale:

  • Gather and processes diagnostics based on scale indicator

  • Stand-alone internet connectivity (LTE) means turn-key, no-hassle IT

  • Intelligent alerts processed in the cloud


Technical details

  • Stand-alone system, adjacent to scale indicator

  • Standard 120 VAC wall plug (transformer steps-down to lower voltage DC)

  • Industrial interface to indicator; either Serial (e.g. RS232) or Ethernet

  • Over 41+ diagnostic points continuously monitored, typically includes:

    • 7+ Zero statistics: Zero point, time off Zero, etc.

    • 8+ General diagnostics; Power, Communication, Overloads*, etc.

    • 20+ Load Cell diagnostics: Balance, Voltage and Temperature*
      (* Based on exact scale type)


Performance Management

Take your service to the next level! Let us help you manage your statuses and be increasingly ready when before issues occur. Start preventing many issues before they even happen. Get increasingly smarter predictive maintenance based on your own data. 

  • Faster turnaround times

  • Avoid downtime/loss by scheduling proactive service

  • Deeper understanding of your assets performance

  • Ultimately better fit for use of equipment and life cycle management

  • 24-7-365 critical alerts (beyond user e-level alerts)

Portal, Email, SMS is Included

Intuitive web dashboard, with ability to see all statuses and manage your information in one location. Increase operational awareness and make better decisions. Track down issues faster and avoid downtime.

  • Status indicators

  • Descriptive visuals

  • Recent and historic information

  • Event logging and ticket handling

  • Equipment list and personalized messages


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