Cech has been an authorized representative of METTLER TOLEDO for over 30 years. Their product line is the largest in the industry. METTLER TOLEDO's product line spans from lab scales to railroad truck scales. METTLER TOLEDO is one of the leaders in new weighing technology and digital load cell technology. They have digital load cell technology in their bench scales, floor scales, weigh modules and truck scales. METTLER TOLEDO looks at their customer base by industry, and makes products to solve specific industry problems. Their primary focus is on food, pharma, chemical, along with aggregates and agriculture. METTLER TOLEDO is a global company with a presence throughout the world with facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the People's Republic of China.

METTLER TOLEDO focuses on providing high quality products that focus on quality control, R&D, logistics, production, and retail to customers all over the world. This American company was founded in 1945 and their main headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio. Not only do they offer high quality measurement tools, but they also offer new techniques to speed up and facilitate research work. From ultra-fast materials, to automated organic synthesis and ergonomic liquid handling, they provide all kinds of lab equipment for modern scientists everywhere.

METTLER TOLEDO's main products include Instrumentation, Truck Scales, Industrial Platform Scales, and Weigh Modules. In addition to their main products, Mettler Toledo has Pallet Jack Scales, Parcel Dimensioners, Forklift Scales and much more. To view METTLER TOLEDO products that are distributed by Cech Corporation, use the buttons above to browse their various categories.