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How to extend the life of your Industrial Scales

Properly using these practices can extend the lifespan of your valuable weighing instruments. Not only will it lengthen its operating time, but it will save your company major money down the road.

These actions include keeping your scale work area clean, providing testing and maintenance, and finally replacing mandatory parts. With these concepts in mind they will guarantee better overall operation along with making sure your scale is compliant with industry standards. Cleanliness

Keep the work area of your scale clear of previously weighed debris and other items. The spoilage of materials can make your weighing device give inaccurate readings by measuring the unintended matter alongside the product you want to calculate. The resulting fluctuations risk false balancing transactions to your consumer.

With excess product waste this can cause unsafe conditions on and around the scale work zone. The leftovers can create less traction on the scales weighing surface along with the surrounding area. For the operating employees the potential risk of losing their footing and falling increases. Using proper cleaning methods can reduce these hazards and help sustain proper readouts during daily operation.

Testing and Maintenance

Testing and maintenance for your scales help ensure that outstanding performance is attained at all times of your scale operation. Tests by trained professionals can ensure that inaccurate readings do not happen during your daily weighing processes. Each unique industrial scale requires periodic scheduled testing procedures and maintenance to guarantee true accuracy. Your scale service provider will be able to implement the proper plan for each of your scales.

Over time scales without necessary nurturing can lead to it breaking down, having equipment failure, and creating unplanned costly repairs. Using a proper maintenance schedule can save you money along with making sure your equipment is in compliance with industry standards and regulations. Having the right upkeep will avoid a negative impact on your company’s day-to-day operations by avoiding downtime and loss of productivity.


Over a period of operating time, your scale will need to replace malfunctioning or damaged parts. This helps deter the need of replacing the whole unit and giving a longer lifespan for each of your scales. These issues can result from internal mechanical failures or physical exterior damages.

Luckily, replacement parts for your scale can be covered by your scale’s warranty. This gives your company large money saving opportunities and makes it less stressful handling these mechanisms. Parts over periods of time will fail, the coverage provided promises to keep your operation running fluently with less hiccups during service.

In conclusion, there are simple ways to assure your industrial scale operation has the necessary precautions to keep them running smoothly. For your scale, keeping the location of operation clean, testing and maintaining the appliance, along with replacing essential parts can lengthen its existence.


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