ScaleVue Android App Case Study

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The Problem

A gravel pit in south eastern Michigan was in need of a solution for printing truck scale load tickets for MDOT road work jobs. The site is staffed by two individuals and uses a truck scale to weigh inbound and outbound trucks. There is no guard shack or structure to house the scale controls / printer, so a kiosk was needed for those devices.

Additionally, the site owner did not want the truck driver to perform any transactions on their own. It involved entering detailed information regarding both the job number and materials required for that load.

Finally, our client wanted a way to summarize all daily loads to be sent from the pit to the corporate office nightly, for accounting purposes. They needed a way to do this utilizing the personnel they had on site.

The Solution

The TechOps team created an android application called ScaleVue to solve this problem. The application allows the loader driver to read the weight on the scale in real time, while also handling all transactional information - including printing the tickets for the truck driver while staying seated inside of the loader.

ScaleVue App Interface
TechOps Manager Eric McDonald (right) and ScaleVue creator Benjamin Neeb (left)

This solution utilizes a Samsung Android 10" tablet and an APK app created by TechOps team. Other hardware was then used to create the working model that includes wireless hardware and enclosures, a Bluetooth printer, and an outdoor kiosk that protects the printer and Mettler Toledo IND560 scale terminal.

Outdoor Enclosure and Hardware

The diagram below shows the hardware and how these devices are attached to and communicate with each other.

The Evaluation

In developing this solution, it became clear that this could be used by other The configuration of this system can be easily modified for different weighing situations.


The pricing for this solution is based upon our client's specific needs. Each customer is different and it is difficult to price out anything beyond the software and annual support. The pricing model below is for the purpose of providing an example.

ScaleVue Software (Configured Android App) - 2,900.00

Samsung Tablet - 300.00

Bluetooth Hardware and Interface Devices - 5,000.00

Annual Software Support Agreement - 595.00

The Payback

ROI on this project was less than a month. The alternative would have been to build a scale shack, install a two-way radio system, and hire an employee to run the scale. This solution also eliminates errors because the loader operator handles all data entry because the loader operator handles all data entry. This allows the correct product, hauler, and MDOT product to be selected before loading.

If you are interested in utilizing ScaleVue for your own company, check out our ScaleVue page and contact a member of our sales team. You may also want to take a look at the Tech Corner to learn about technologies that can help you manage and grow your business.

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