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Weigh Module Technology

What is a Weigh Module?

Weigh modules are a combination of a load cell and hardware used to support and weigh a vessel or structure. They are commonly used in weighing applications where a bulk amount of material is being transferred or stored in a vessel and the amount of that material needs to be measured or recorded.

Weigh Module Technology

There are a number of standard weigh module technologies out there and they are briefly discussed below. Custom designs are available if needed, but these cover over 99 percent of most applications.

Analog Compression - Rigid Mount

  • Very simple design that includes a base plate that anchors to the mounting structure and a bolt on load plate that the vessel attaches to.

  • Suitable for lower accuracy systems and level detection and are typically very economical.

Analog Compression - Rocker Pin or Linkage Mount

  • Used in applications where accuracy matters.

  • Most designs are suitable for hazardous areas.

  • Includes a base plate that anchors to the support structure and an upper mounting plate that is supported by suspension components such as a link or rocker pin.

  • The rocker pin design weigh modules outperform all other designs and are typically easier to install.

  • Work well in all environments and are suitable for outdoor use.

Digital Compression - Rocker Pin Mount

  • Only available from Mettler Toledo, looks identical to the Analog Compression - Suspension Mount.

  • Contains the same components, but uses a digital load cell in the weigh module that can outperforms any analog system in terms of resolution and repeatability.

  • Best suited for use when the highest accuracy is required.

Analog - Suspension Mount

  • Used to hang a vessel from above.

  • Include what is called an S-Type Load Cell, clevises and grounding hardware.

  • Requires safety hardware in place in the event of a load cell breaking or failing.

  • Commonly requires Anti-Sway hardware.

  • Less suitable than compression mount if agitation or batching is to be part of the application.

Hybrid Mounts for Specific Applications

  • High tech, highly accurate weigh modules that can be used to weigh individual components with a custom load plate fixture to weigh items such as small bottles of liquid, powder or an individual part.

  • Can be designed for high speed applications where high accuracy is required.

  • Pharma and Food industries use these for checkweighing individual products or packages and are normally part of a filling or process piece of equipment.

  • Specified and supported with the support of the manufacturer in most applications

Need Help or Want to Know More?

Plenty of support help and documentation is available on our website and via our factory trained sales and service staff. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are considering using weigh modules to improve your production process. Our experience with Lean Manufacturing and Process Improvements can help you justify funding your project.

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