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BBA236 Basic Scale

BBA236 Basic Scale

Offer Valid 06/16/2020 - 07/14/2020


The BBA236 stainless-steel scale is a robust and easy-to-operate one-for-all solution. It is a perfect fit for many applications in dry and part-time wet industrial environments. The user-friendly terminal is fast and easy to operate and measurably improves production efficiency.


Simple & Intuitive 

The IP65-rated scale is easy to operate. The straightforward setup of different functions requires minimal operatior training. 


Highly Visible Display 

Excellent readibility under any light condition, thanks to a large LCD display with adjustable white backlight.


Immediate Status Indication 

Over/ under checkweighing is performed easily and accurately with immediate status indication. Target- weight setup is simple, providing improved overall process accuracy.


Versatile Usage

The scale includes an RS232 interface allowing for communication to a printer or PC. It's stainless-steel enclosure was designed to be both stylish and functional.


Hygienically Designed

The truly open, study and sophisticated platform design was built according to hygienic standards, which allows fast and through cleaning to easily reduce on site-contamination.

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