About ScaleTruth

In 2020, Cech Corporation became an authorized distributor of ScaleTruth. They are an up and coming member of the scale industry with a focus on product and software development that allows users to discover, utilize, and interpret information already present in a business. They do this using new technology combined with first-hand experience working on scales. One of the best parts about their technology is that it's designed for a variety of industries and use-cases. They work directly with their distributors to ensure that the products and software not only work for the end user, but improve their experience.


ScaleTruth is a U.S. based scale technology provider. Their products are designed and built entirely in the United States. While they are new to the scale industry, they already proved how effective and worth-while their products and software are for our customers.


ScaleTruth offers products and software for scale diagnostics, interfacing, statistics, monitoring, and more. To view ScaleTruth's products that are distributed by Cech Corporation, use the buttons above. They are always working to further improve the experience of using scale technology, so keep an eye out for more products to come.

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