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What is ScaleVue  ?

ScaleVue is an app managed by Cech Corporation intended to simplify truck weighing operations.

What does it do?

The app wirelessly connects to the scale, loader, and kiosk to allow users to weigh trucks in and out. ScaleVue includes print functionality to print and reprint tickets to printer devices. Designed with the business's needs at the forefront and perfected through testing with customers, ScaleVue is a comprehensive tool proven to be a great asset for its users.

Do I need to own a device to use it?

No. Cech Corporation will include a rugged protected tablet in the total cost of ScaleVue. You will receive ScaleVue pre-loaded on the tablet. One full year of support is included with the purchase.

How do I get it?

To find out about pricing and different options for the app please contact a member of our sales team here.


ScaleVue Features

Custom Input Fields

This feature allows the user to create custom drop down lists for customer and commodity. It also makes it easy to empty all fields using the CLEAR button.

Zero the Scale

A user would normally need to walk to the indicator to rid the scale of any left-over weight. SclaeVue allows the user to remotely zero the scale with a push of a button.

Convenient Register

The register was built to visualize transactions for the user. Similar to a spreadsheet format, the register houses all information the user enters for easy data operations.

In-App Bluetooth

ScaleVue is able to discover nearby wireless devices and enroll them to specific functions (scale, kiosk, loader). Once the devices are enrolled, the app will automatically connect to them upon startup.

Live Weight Reading

The app actively fetches the displayed weight directly from the scale. Thanks to fast wireless speeds, the weight updates and refreshes almost instantly.

Data Logging

Log files are created for the user to assist with accounting and record keeping. Files are generated in formats built to work easily with spreadsheets and accounting software.

Editing the Register

Cells within the register can be edited instantly from any menu. The user also has the option to quickly and completely remove rows as needed.

Custom Tickets

Users are able to customize their print tickets using macro and static data. Macro data pulls information from other parts of the app for useful purposes. Static data is hard-coded and remains the same on every ticket.

Load Number Tracking

ScaleVue was made with business operations in mind. The app conveniently tracks all truck loads and creates a reference number for every transaction.

Weigh In & Out

The current truck's attributes will be captured and stored in a unique register row when weighed in. The user can then select the appropriate row to weigh out.

Reprint to Kiosk & Loader

Users can easily reprint tickets to either device with the corresponding buttons. The devices can also print different information to reduce paper. E.G. signature lines are needed for Kiosk but not Loader.

Customized App

ScaleVue is designed to meet business needs. We will work with you to ensure our solution meets your business’s requirements.

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