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Welcome to the Tech Corner where we showcase technologies and practices that can level up your business!

For starters, we get it. It seems like the 'new normal' is change and it can be challenging to stay healthy and even grow. Your business is continually met with new demands which we can help you channel into opportunities; particularly around weights and measures. Interfacing with your scale? Of course. Mobile access on the go? Not a problem. Leveraging your data for intelligence?

We got you covered.


The good news is we have been doing this for years, so you're in good hands. From scale automation to custom programming the solutions are endless. But don't worry, we believe simple is better, which also means utmost respect for your data and privacy.



To kick things off, we offer an umbrella of services called ScaleTruth - simply because it helps you discover the information and knowledge already present in your business! Think of this as an umbrella policy which includes a few great components. The first of these being ScaleVue. 


ScaleVue can be considered the interface for your scale. To be clear your scale does all the official work, and that's good. This simply connects you to it.

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