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Increase Productivity & Yield Without Added Labor

Competition in all markets is increasing and quality expectations are increasing with it. Everyone wants the highest quality at the best price. This means less room for error, greater pressure on time and expenses, and even more importance placed on traceability and accountability.

In addition to providing high quality weighing equipment. We are always considering ways to improve our customers' processes with new systems or equipment. One solution we recommend to our customers to increase their throughput times is a counting scale. Counting scales can be used both for incoming and outgoing parts or products and are much faster than hand counting without losing any of the accuracy.

Counting scales aren't just for counting. They can be used to maintain a local parts inventory database, check-weigh, and totalize.

There are a variety of counting scales available in multiple sizes and capabilities from simple part counting to ERP integrated multi-scale counting systems. This makes them ideal for use in many industries including:

- Automotive

- Laboratories

- Manufacturing

- Pharmaceuticals

If you would like to know more about how counting scales can improve your business’s process and yield, feel free to contact our sales team at


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