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Load Cells

Load Cells, also known as Weigh Modules, are used for bulk weighing, floor supported tanks, silo’s, hoppers, hoppers suspended from above, process tanks, floor scales, filling, dosing, bench scales, packaging etc...

Used For...

To capture accurate weight data, piece counts, filling or batching application and PLC integrations.


Floor Scales (also known as Platform Scales) are used for straight weighing application. Floor scales are
used in warehouses, commercial facilities and light industrial. Above ground and pit installation.
The standard 48” x 48” platform is a common size for the industry.

Used For...

Weighing pallets in the shipping and receiving area. Also used for Livestock, Agricultural, Warehouse, Industrial and Manufacturing applications.

Floor Scales

Indicators are used for a wide range of scales spanning weighing, counting, truck, check-weighing, filling & dosing, hazardous area, batching, and PLC integration.

Used For...

To capture accurate weight data, piece counts, filling or batching application and PLC integrations.

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Laboratory Scales

Lab Scales are highly sensitive lab instruments designed to accurately measure mass. Their readability has a range between 1 g - .01 mg. They are meant to detect very fine increments.  Generally speaking lab scales should be used in a dedicated room with as few disturbances as possible. Lab Scales should be monitored carefully and calibrated frequently. Most lab scales have both automatic internal motorized calibration and calibration with external weights.

Used For...

Lab Scales are used when a very accurate measurement is needed for a process or product.

Not Suited For...

 Lab scales are not suited for heavy industrial environments where vibration, dirt, wind and other environmental factors will affect the scale stability and accuracy.

Bench Scales

Bench Scales are reliable scales for a wide range of applications including food processing, packaging, and shipping & receiving. Scales can come in many different models for High Resolution, Wet & Harsh Environment & Dry & Dusty Environment. Some of their great features are Quality Control by Weight, Increase Portioning Speed, Efficient Piece Counting.

Used For...

For general purpose weighing, commercial weighing and other high accuracy industrial weighing application. Bench scales offer ideal features that are adaptable to a wide range of applications.

Truck & Rail Scales

Truck scales (US), weighbridges (non-US) and railroad scales are a large set of scales that are usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation. They are used to weigh large amounts of weight, such as an entire rail or road vehicles and their contents. By weighing the vehicle both empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicle can be calculated. Load cells are the key component utilized by a weighbridge, truck scale, or rail scale in order to make the measurement. These scales are a legal for trade weighing device. 

Used For...

Truck scales are used to weigh products and commodities in bulk where large quantities are being bought and sold.  They are a fast way to trade large quantities.

Not Suited For...

High precision weighing where the required increment size is less than 20 lbs.