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What Do We Do?

Cech Corporation has provided industrial scale service to Michigan for over 80 years. Our scale company supplies professional scale service and industrial measurement equipment to a wide range of industries.

We guarantee high quality of service from the installation of your scale to maintenance and repair. Cech Corporation provides accredited calibration certificates under the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, and our team conforms to the same rigorous standards that your company demands.

Still not happy with our work? Cech Corporation offers a Nobody Does It Better service guarantee. If there is an issue with a scale after our service, we will return to fix the problem. If the problem was caused by us, we will fix it for free.

With Cech Corporation as your scale company, you know that you are not only getting the best quality, but the best price too. We will meet or beat your current service provider’s quote! Our friendly sales team is willing to provide a complimentary site inspection, and when you sign up with Cech you receive discounted rates on our services and parts.

Cech Corporation has no binding contracts, only a dedicated team who works hard and aims to satisfy.

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Invest a little to get a lot with Cech's cost-effective preventive maintenance plans.

Extend the lifespan of your scale and

prevent future damage by calling Cech for maintenance today!

To qualify for our CechOut loyalty account, please plan on scheduling at least one preventative maintenance (PM) per year.

Our preventative maintenance is a full service designed to prolong the life of your weighing equipment. The following is included with our service:

  • Zero error testing and calibration, with adjustments to achieve performance.

  • All scale performance issues are documented, and recommendations for solutions are provided.

  • Troubleshooting and repairs are performed at the time of service when possible.

Why Choose Cech?

  • Our technicians are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified

  • Multiple maintenance plans to choose from

  • Free scale check-ups

  • Free site inspections

  • No binding contracts

  • Quality guarantee

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When you choose Cech, you can feel secure knowing that your scales will always be accurately calibrated.

Our highly competent team conforms to the same rigorous standards your company demands, so your business will always be prepared for an audit.

Scales calibrated by Cech Corporation are stickered with the month that calibrations are due - we normally schedule a visit any time during that month.


Cech's calibration service falls under our Inspect & Test level of service - this level constitutes testing and calibration only.

  • Troubleshooting and repairs are quoted separately

  • We provide a list of scales calibrated, rather than individual certificates of calibration. This does not apply to truck scales that are legal for trade

We guarantee accurate calibrations every time;  the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44 (NIST H44) is the document on which we base all of our calibration test points and tolerances. These nationally accepted guidelines advise every scale company of the appropriate procedures and requirements for testing equipment.

Why Choose Cech?

  • Accredited calibrations

  • Certificates are issued under the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard

  • Base all calibrations on NIST H44 standards

  • Quality guarantee

  • No binding contracts

Calibration Certification Request

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No matter what you need, Cech Corporation will work with you to find the perfect scale solution for your business.

Didn't purchase your scale with us? Not a problem! We will still install your scale with a high level of accuracy.

Not only do we install scales, but we sell them as well! Speak to one of our Sales Representatives for more information about finding the perfect solution for you.

Installations can be a daunting task, especially when handling industrial equipment. To set your mind at ease, here are the tasks that we will take care of for you during your next installation:

  • Foundation work

  • Crane work

  • Scale components

  • Installation and calibration

Poor communication between contractors will prolong the process and cost you money. At Cech, we promise not only to install your scale, but to also make it as easy as possible for you.

Why Choose Cech?

  • Ensure a high level of accuracy

  • Technicians are extensively trained

  • Accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017

  • Free site inspections

  • No binding contracts

  • Quality guarantee

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Our service professionals look for the source of the problem instead of the quick fix. Without knowing what is causing the issue, your problem could return.

Our technicians are trained to identify and fix issues on all makes and models of scales.

We use a multi-step checkdown to get to the root of your scale issues and present a proven solution based on test results and facts.

We always recommend that our customers take a moment to collect as much data as possible, especially for our troubleshoots. Whenever possible, consider data such as the following:

  • Data from the scale operator or across shift changes

  • The environment like plumbing/conduit or material chutes

  • Recent events like a lighting storm or factory shutdown

The more information we are able to gather prior to service, the more we are able to prepare ahead of time. This allows us to save money, both for the customer and for ourselves.

Why Choose Cech?

  • Will respond within 24 hours of call

  • High-severity troubleshoots prioritized

  • Will fix problems we caused for free

  • Technicians follow strict guidelines

  • Quality guarantee

  • Will service all makes and models of weighing equipment

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Once the problem has been identified by our troubleshooting steps, it's time to make the long lasting repair.

Cech Corporation understands that you are losing money when your equipment isn't working. We don't waste time and we don't waste resources.

Cech Corporation is the best company to work with when it comes to weighing scale solutions. We will undoubtedly give you the best value for the service you're receiving.

Cech has the staff and know-how to make repairs ranging from weighbridge reinforcement to cabling and wiring upgrades. We will also help you weigh the repair against a replacement if we feel that the scale is in such poor condition that a fix is not a lasting one - We don’t just make repairs without standing behind our work. 


Our goal is to provide the best value even if the suggestion would be to replace the unit.  We want you to have all the data to make a good business decision before we repair any of your weighing devices.

Why Choose Cech?

  • Will respond within 24 hours of call

  • Will fix problems we caused for free

  • Quality guarantee

  • No binding contracts

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Not only can we provide you with a full range of service and repair on your current equipment, but we can keep you weighing with our huge fleet of rental scales.


Our fleet has everything you could need to keep you in business; counting, floor, and even truck scales!

Our goal is to keep your business operational. Most times a rental scale is the right answer to maintain your operation while a repair or upgrade is being made.

Why Choose Cech?

  • Options available for flexible budgets

  • Rent from our personal fleet

  • Reliable weighing, always

  • No binding contracts