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About B-TEK

Cech has been representing B-TEK Scales' product line for 12 years. Their products are well-designed, serviceable, robust and highly functional for almost all weighing applications. They have an excellent truck scale product that utilizes digital load cells and advanced controllers for some of the more demanding weighing and data collection projects. B-TEKs industrial product line is price competitive with all manufacturers in the marketplace. Their customer service is top-notch with new products and technology being released on a regular basis.

B-TEK is an industrial weighing solutions provider. Their products are fabricated by highly skilled and experienced professionals. In 1929 Fred Brechbuhler started Brechbuhler Scale and it continued to grow as a company until in 1995 the third generation of the Brechbuhler family officially started the BTEK Scale Company. With multi-generational trade experience and knowledge of the weighing industry, B-TEK is able to focus on innovation and developing high quality weighing solutions. The company headquarters is located in Canton, Ohio. B-TEK Scales offer an extensive line of truck scales spanning across all industry applications. They are known for their heavy capacity service and products. They also manufacture electronic digital, analog, and electromechanical truck scales. One of their main goals is to bring innovative weighing solutions to their customers.

B-TEK's product line includes weighing Indicators, Load Cells, Heavy Capacity Scale Solutions, Load Cell Tank Mounts, and much more. To view B-TEK products that are distributed by Cech Corporation, use the buttons above their various categories.

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