Cech Launched a New Website!

We at Cech Corporation have been working hard to create a new and highly improved website for our customers. We have upgraded the design and features to create the best user experience possible.

What's New?

The new and improved website now offers easy access to descriptions of what services we provide, a look into our service expertise, a description of how we started in 1936 and where we are today, products pages that can be useful to anyone, a frequently asked questions page, a description of the careers we offer, and a request center where customers can request service.

New Products Pages

Our new product pages provide an overview of what various products are used for and the general price range:

  • an overview of what various products are used for and the general price range

  • selections of our favorite scales for each major type hand-picked by our sales team

  • contact information for our salesman as well as what areas they service making it easy for you to get in touch with the right person

  • images of some of the products we ranked to be the best

Scheduling Service is Simple

Our request center makes it easy to schedule service, get information about billing, receive technical support, get a rental scale or inquire about one, and provide feedback.

Cech Out Our Website Today at www.cech.com!

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