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Buy Local Not Online and Here's Why

One of the major misconceptions with buying a scale online is that the scale will be ready to go out of the box. Unless stated you should always assume a scale will not be calibrated out of the box. Even when a scale is shipped pre-calibrated it is always recommended to verify that the scale is still in calibration. This is why we would recommend using your local scale distributor that has a service department. 

The Reasons to Choose Cech Corporation

We have reps available to speak with you regarding your weighing application to ensure you are getting the right scale for the application. Our reps have years of experience and will work to get you the best solution for your needs. We are available to come out and evaluate your weighing application. Contact us today!

We can correctly calibrate your scale before use. This is extremely important to ensure your accuracy. In addition to providing you a proper calibration you will also receive a certificate of calibration. We are ISO17025 accredited and participate in the State of Michigan voluntary Weighs and Measures serviceperson registry. When we calibrate your scale, we do a variety of test procedures such as increasing and decreasing load test, shift test, and repeatability test.

Should there be any issues with your new purchase we can take care of any warranty issues giving you a hassle-free experience. We will work with the manufacturer to replace or repair the unit as fast as possible to minimize any potential downtime. 

We may be able to provide solutions you cannot find online. We work with some of the world’s best scale manufacturers; they do not readily sell a majority of their product line on the internet. This is why it is always an excellent choice to have a Cech representative come out and discuss your weighing application. 


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